What’s DASHING? Pollack’s spring 2014 collection.

Pollack has launched their Spring 2014 collection: DASHING. The collection comprises of 28 new patterns ranging from: high performance / bleach cleanable fabrics, velvets, sheers, solids and intricate geometrics. To see the new collection, contact us to book an appointment! The samples are in our showroom.


Embroideries from the Spring 2014 Collection

Pollack introduces two stunning embroidery fabrics as part of the Spring 2014 collection. These textiles feature ornate detailing and a remarkable degree of craftsmanship. Featuring whimsical shapes and structured layers, the fabrics challenge your eye with their sophisticated construction.


Bursting into full, extravagant bloom, Peony (shown below in morning bloom, night blossom and fiesta) is drawn and executed with the skill and sensitivity of a painter.


Large, voluptuous flowers and leaves turn a typically traditional damask motif into an exercise in pointillism. With fields of viscose, embroidered ovals come together to define floral shapes against a silk douppioni ground. Each colorway uses eight embroidery colors which allows each dot to appear intricately toned, creating a shading effect on each leaf and petal, from the center to the outer edge.

Adorn (shown below in silver necklace, copper cuff and platinum) lends the same finishing touch as jewelry, but for an interior. Slip on a wide linked cuff of silver or gold and the look is complete, classic – but with a modern edge.


Ona dense, felted wool ground, two colors of viscose embroidery stitch wide, symmetrical panels of lustrous color. Made up of ribbons of simple geometric forms, these panels repeat closely across the width in an opulent amount of embroidery. A light press finish flattens the viscose floats, melding them even more into the likeness of metal.