Weitzner Spring 2014: Arriving Soon in Manila

Weitzner Elemental Collection of Wall Coverings:

This spring, Weitzner introduces ten stunning wall coverings from the new Elemental collection. Featuring an eclectic mix of patterns, textures and materials, the Elemental collection offers a fresh perspective for modern spaces. The word ‘elemental’ is defined in two ways: 1) primary or basic, and 2) related to or embodying the powers of nature. Both apply to each of these distinctive styles.The collection employs new handmade techniques as well as updates to classic constructions.



In the vein of such Weitzner handmade classics as Tapies and Cezanne, Curio (pictured left in gray, copper & cream) offers a sophisticated balance of natural materials and modern metals. Hand-dyed hemp and lokta, a fiber indigenous to Nepal, are hand- woven with strips of aluminum and copper to create a sense of rustic glamour.

Weitzner is also proud to note that sales of this product contribute to the educational support of 25-30 families in Nepal, including farmers, weavers, dyers, papermakers and their children.


Woven texture and graphic pattern merge in Delta, a printed wallcovering layered with a sheer rayon mesh.This modern geometric is available in five two-toned colorways.


Clean Vinyl is rendered fresh and modern in Athena.This heathered texture is available in 16 understated colorways.


A clean, subtle texture and natural color palette make Plateau a chic staple. Like a fresh breeze blowing across a clear vista, this fine paper-backed linen breathes classic style into both traditional and modern settings.



Weitzner and Visual Magnetics continue their collaboration of best selling Magnetism, a patented magnetic wallcovering exclusively from Weitzner. Magnets can be placed directly on the elegant linen surface, and can be easily changed or removed leaving a pristine and unmarked backdrop. Now offered in four new and exciting colors; pebble, citrine, tangerine, and Capri.


Bold geometry meets subtle texture in the hand-painted, hand-torn squares of Revelations, a Weitzner Handmade item. Each colorway of this tone-on-tone checkerboard offers a play of matte neutrals and metallic shades.Available in three shades.


Building on the continued success of Weitzner’s Clean Vinyl collection, they offer Relic, a texture inspired by waxed cotton.Available in 12 two-toned colorways.


A striped linen fabric is layered onto a printed ground to create the subtle coloring of Gale. Available in four subdued tones.


A contrasting blend of fibers creates the modern patina of Tundra.This distressed texture is available in three sophisticated neutrals.



Using a traditional technique from Thailand, mulberry fiber is manipulated by hand to create Zoe’s (pictured left in almond) dimensional spirals. Offered in one natural colorway, this Weitzner Handmade panel can be used as hanging room dividers, window shades or screens, or simply adhered to the wall.

Weitzner Alhambra Collection of Textiles


This Spring,Weitzner introduces Alhambra, a collection of upholstery, decoration and window fabrics inspired by the famed Spanish palace and fortress complex. Located in Grenada, Andalusia, the strong Islamic and Christian influences over the centuries makes this “architectural melting pot” an incredibly rich source to draw inspiration from. Rendered in luxurious materials in classic constructions with subtle twists, Weitzner’s Alhambra collection is truly a modern take on an ancient source.


The painted ironwork of Alhambra inspired the open lattice and fluid geometry of Puerta. This wool blend drapery is available in three heathered neutrals.



The complex archways of Alhambra are pared down to a simple, modern silhouette in Balustrade (pictured left in quicksilver & chablis). Offered in three metal-inspired neutrals, this signature drapery fabric offers a play between the visual structure of the motifs and the softness and transparency of the materials and construction.


A blend of cotton and nylon creates the variegated surface of Seville, an upholstery fabric that strikes the perfect balance between durability and elegance. Available in seven multi-toned colorways.



The first in the line of durable upholsteries, Cordoba (pictured below in cinder, koala, herring, latte, parchment and ivory) uses a nylon warp satin on the face of the fabric, and an acrylic shrink yarn in the back that achieves an almost three dimensional diamond pattern with a hologram-like quality. Cordoba is offered in six menswear-inspired color ways.


The melding together of Emperor’s striking geometric pattern with a lush viscose pile creates a modern take on the latticed ceilings of Alhambra. This signature velvet is available in five rich neutrals.


Epigraph’s dimensional ottoman construction is enhanced with a studied blend of cotton, viscose and nylon. This modern, durable upholstery is available in eight nuanced shades.



Drawn from the gardens of Alhambra, Marisol (pictured left in hydrangea with Emperor in shadow) offers a subtle landscape of lush blooms, delicate leaves, and graceful vines. A blend of cotton, viscose and silk creates a textural play of matte and sheen as well as the motifs’ painterly shading. Available in three sophisticated, multi-hued color ways.


Adding to Weitzner’s growing offering of luxury basics, Mesa is a 100% linen drapery fabric available in twelve colorways, from easy-to-use neutrals to playful brights.


The patterned windows and porticos of Alhambra inspired the diamond shaped apertures of Grenada. To achieve this open lattice effect, a 100% linen basecloth is first cut then embroidered with a tonal yarn. Offering a sense of quiet luxury, this signature fabric is available in ivory and soft grey.


Tiny reflective sequins are hand-sewn onto 100% linen to create the dappled surface of Gypsy. Evoking the pinpricks of light through the latticed windows of Alhambra, this Weitzner Handmade fabric is offered in white, dark grey and vibrant red.


This durable chenille blend leads the color expansion in the upholstery category. Available in eight colorways, including fresh pastel-inspired hues and understated neutrals, Alcove lends texture and light.


Traditional embroidery is rendered modern in the colorful kaleidoscope of Rumi (pictured below in moonstone), a design inspired by the intricate mosaics of Alhambra. Embroidered on a textured cotton and linen basecloth, 32 hues radiate from the center of each motif, the fine stitches blending like brushstrokes. A clear highlight of the collection, this bold design is offered in three distinctive colorways.



100% Trevira sheer, Carmen (pictured left in zinc), adds to Weitzner’s flame retardant casements that meet contract standards while providing residential appeal. Available in four two-tone colorways, this delicate, gauzy construction offers transparency with a hint of color.


An artwork of shaded leaves drawn from the landscape of Alhambra comes to life in Verano, a signature Weitzner fabric. Its double cloth construction and blend of fibers create a variegated, multi-colored tapestry effect that comes through in all five colorways.


Variegated linen and fine silk are the textural features of Freize, a nuanced drapery offered in eight colorways, from subtle neutrals to watercolor-inspired hues.