Once a year, sometimes twice, our fabric brands discontinue specific fabrics from their collections. In the past, Elements would donate these discontinued fabric samples to interior design schools for their students to use on presentation boards; sometimes these samples would go to pre-schools for their arts &crafts projects; and in some few years, Elements would sell these samples in their Sample Sale. This went on until one year we decided to turn our discontinued samples into shoe bags with our clients’ initials. In another year, we made baseball caps and then a toiletry pouch filled with local, handmade soap.  These handsomely transformed samples were all done in house and were given away to our clients during the holidays.

In 2010 we decided to put a little more focus on the discontinued samples and thought “the samples no longer serve their original purpose as a sales tool but they are still beautiful and can continue with a new purpose.”  Instead of recycling, we decided to up-cycle and transform interior furnishing fabric samples into finished products for our daily lives. In the process, we also wanted to transform the community around us. We did this by selling the products to raise funds for organizations working on concerns close to our heart: education, environment and women’s health.  From that point, the project formally took on its name: TRANSFORMATION.

Working with discontinued sampling means that every piece is unique.  The fabrics used are amongst the best from around the world – from silk damasks to mohair velvets. To make the project most viable, we work with local artists and artisans who take our discontinued fabrics and wallpapers and create handsome, charming, exquisite finished products.  Elements donates the discontinued fabrics and wallpapers to the Transformation project and we help support community based livelihood projects by engaging them to convert the discontinued samples into finished products. Through this project, Elements is also able to raise funds for various NGO’s and, by transforming these discontinued samples, we keep these fabrics/wallpapers from the landfills.

To date, Elements continues to broaden its corporate social responsibility. In our endeavor to support the Transformation project, Elements is excited to present its first ever transformation event.

An event in collaboration with five local artists and artisans to support Elements’ transformation projects. On Sept 21 to 23, at Elements showroom, it will be exciting to see the products these artists are crafting and creating from our discontinued samples.

In the early years we partnered with the following organizations:


In 2010 to 2011, Elements partnered with FABManila for this transformation project.




In 2012, we continued working with our discontinued wallpaper samples and made note card sets which were all hand made by Greenpeace volunteers!



In 2013 to present, we continuously worked with Natalya Lagdameo to create various products.



Element’s recipients for Transformation project: