The Walls of Venice

Rubelli, the over hundred-year-old family textile company, presents “The Walls of Venice”. The new wallcovering collection is the result of the inextricable combination of tradition and innovation, Rubelli’s own design philosophy.

The historic Venice company is offering a collection with the signature Rubelli style. The new wallcovering is in fact the reproduction of some of the most iconic Rubelli fabrics, keeping the same names and adding the word “Wall”.

Thanks to in-depth research into the materials and an almost fanatical precision during the production process, a collection with very strong textile connotations came into being. In fact the sense of the texture, the sheen of the silk and the 3D have successfully been created, as if they were real fabrics.

These wallcoverings, all strictly made in Italy, have the advantage of being very resistant, washable and therefore with easy care as well as easy hanging.

Rubelli has covered new roads with the wallcovering collection and has used new materials. Once more Rubelli succeeded in creating highly sophisticated products: a further opportunity to make your home comfortable and elegant.

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