The New Coco Coromandel Design By de Gournay

Phoenix, peacocks, and peonies for the new Coco Coromandel design by de Gournay.

Inspired by the original Chinese Lacquered Screens exported to the West in the 17th century across ancient routes of trade, de Gournay’s new ‘Coco Coromandel’ design references both the Indian coastline from which they were shipped and the well documented enthusiasm for their exquisite craftsmanship possessed by Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel – the iconic arbiter of 20th century style.
An avid collector of the folding screens, Chanel owned a total of 32; eight of which were located within her celebrated Paris appartement at 31 Rue Cambon. Used for decorative display and to provide elegant structure to the interior, she was so deeply inspired by the details of their design – monochrome palettes, subtle inlays of mother of pearl, blooming camellias – they were incorporated into her own aesthetics, becoming the visual elements upon which her brand was built.

Painted by hand onto a traditional Chinese ‘Edo Xuan’ rice paper, de Gournay’s painterly interpretation of a section from one of the Chanel Coromandel’s captures the jagged and energetic spirit of the original carved artwork. Phoenix, Peacocks and Peonies adorn the display in a scene of stunning intricacy that mimics the traditional lacquer finish technique of “Kuancai”, which emerged from the Ming Dynasty between 1368 and 1644. Utilising to spectacular effect the expertise for the depiction of landscapes, flora and fauna for which de Gournay are famed, this new design verifies their reputation as creators of the most beautiful wallpapers in the world.

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