The Best of Loro Piana at Les Journées Particulières, Third Edition

As their representative in the Philippines, Elements Fine Furnishing Fabrics Inc. is sharing with you a RARE opportunity to enter into the discreet world of Loro Piana.


Special edition Les Journées Particulières 2016



Loro Piana will participate in the third edition of “Les Journées Particulières”, which will take place on May, 20, 21, and 22, an initiative of the LVHM group, which envisages the opening of 50 exceptional venues of 40 brands across all Europe.

On that occasion, for the first time, Loro Piana will open the doors of the Roccapietra spinning mill: guided tours will allow guests to touch the world’s best raw materials and discover the accurate tests carried out to check their quality. Visitors will also learn about the production process that transforms these precious fibres into outstanding yarns, and have an overview on the further steps that lead to the fabric and finished garment.

At the foot of the Piedmont Alps, the Roccapietra spinning mill, illustrates Loro Piana’s special relationship with nature. The mill is nestled deep in a valley, crowned by trees and bushes, and cannot been seen from the adjacent road. The building’s facade is inspired by the stones and rocks in the surrounding rivers, while its large bay windows flood the inside with natural light and the wooden floor absorbs the machine’s humming and vibrations. This is a unique working environment, where the finest raw materials are turned into exceptional yarns each day.

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