Texture Exquisite

This September, Colefax and Fowler is launching their latest collection TEXTURE EXQUISITE presented in 7 textile sample books and 2 wallpaper books.

This new collection introduces ebullient florals and animal-inspired wovens, expanding its colour palette to diversify its extensive range of classic fabrics and wallpapers.

Colefax and Fowler explores texture and luxury this season. The newly-created CELESTINE series brings intense decoration and a vibrant flourish to prints, embroideries and jacquards. Of particular note is the subtle layering of appliqué velvet in DELANO with its informal leaf pattern and the richness of the couched thread work in BIZET, featuring paisley-inspired motifs. Luxurious velvets are heightened in the VALENTINA collection by ombré shading, re-envisioned toile, and a crackle effect, all of which mix a dash of bohemian romance with the sumptuous volume and weight that characterize the finest velvets. Patterned reliefs lend detail, while geometric repeats such as bold herringbone and graphic zigzag motifs propose modern sophistication.

The house highlights one of its primary influences this autumn by building on its established line of linens and branching out into beautiful linen-like sheers with the JURA series. A new sequence of intricately textured plain, stripe and geometric weaves are suggestive of the timeless understated quality and subtlety that is emblematic of every fabric, created by the brand with unchanging success, whilst the classic EATON weaves are revisited with new colours and designs.

Two exceptional wallpaper books translate the keynotes of the fabrics – from the highly decorative CELESTINE to the soft delicacy of CAMILLE – into patterns of elegance and refinement. The stripe range introduces a new embossed plain on grass cloth as well as striped and textured plains in various scales that form an integral part of the new season’s collection.

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