I, like most of you, have been working from home. I have had time to slow down a little. Our normal frenetic lives often stop us from taking time to “smell the roses”. We all know the devil is in the details. Interior designers, decorators, architects and other professionals in the design world understand this. Whether it is adding a cord to a throw pillow, a border to a curtain, or a tassel to a lampshade; passementerie provides that finish, that detail, that dialogue.

This Spring, Samuel and Sons has launched 4 new collections:

BALI – A place we all know. Verdant, tranquil, and natural beauty are things that come to mind.

NOCTURNE – As in music or art, this collection evokes the romantic character of night.

TIVERTON – A classical collection composed of a tri color melange.

SOMERSET – Named after the county in Southwest England, this collection is elegant, refined and restrained.