Rubelli’s Press Clippings From September/ October 2016

A compilation of Rubelli’s press clippings that were published last September/ October 2016.

Das Ideale Heim, October 2016, Switzerland

After visiting Rubelli in July, the editor in chief Anita Simeon Lutz dedicated the section “Visite” (Visit) to Rubelli. She has perfectly described his journey from the mill to the Milan showroom until the historical archive at Palazzo Corner Spinelli in Venice.


Corriere Imprese Nordest, 10th October 2016, Italy

In Corriere Imprese Nordest, supplement of the newspaper Corriere Veneto, a brief interview to the Rubelli Marketing Director Loredana di Pascale about the strong presence of women in key roles of the Rubelli Group.


Durrah, Autumn 2016, Kingdom of Bahrain

A three pages article about the growth of Rubelli during the past years and its special projects such as La Fenice Theater in Venice and Alla Scala Museum and Palazzo Reale in Milan.

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Art & Décoration, October, France

The printed fabric Larissa has been beautifully featured in the fabric section of the latest Art & Décoration issue.

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Elle Décoration, September, France

In the feature “Asia Chic” the velvet Velours Décontracté by Paola Navone has been used as a curtain for the background.

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Wohn!Design, September/October, Germany

A whole page dedicated to the latest Donghia and Rubelli Casa products. The Pila 47 chair couldn’t be missed.

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Madame Living, October 2016, Germany

German speaking countries simply felt in love with Pila 47 chair. The proof is another feature on Madame Living, supplement of the German fashion magazine Madame.

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AD, October 2016, China

The printed chenille Monet in yellow Naples featured on the latest Chinese issue of AD.

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