Pollack Collaborates with Artists for the Fall 2013 Makers Collection

From Klaus Bürgel: Calligraphy & Bling

The flowing, winding patterns of Calligraphy (shown above right in tangerine dream) and Bling (shown above left in coral, sapphire, wrought iron, amethyst & gold bar) were inspired by the natural elements and sensual properties of metals. The gorgeous Bling, based on a brooch design by Klaus Bürgel, is a reversible fabric that uses nylon, cotton, linen and polyester. It is available in 10 bold colorways, which are each paired with a metallic yarn that mimics the gold and silver jewelry Klaus is known for. Calligraphy, available in five colorways, is based on one of Klaus’ drawings of layered, flowing swirls. The embroidery is layered over a cotton Jacquard pattern and offers a dynamic and detailed drapery.

From Liz Collins: Aphrodite & Zeus

The fabrics from Liz Collins’ collaboration bring striking elements of lines and texture. The fashion designer, who specializes in knitting, plays with the manipulation and embellishment of her pieces, creating a chaotic look with a tightly structured core. Both fabrics are based on Liz’ artwork and concepts and are clipped sheer or semi-sheer drapery fabrics, each offered in one colorway. Aphrodite (pictured above top in icicle) is an exotic design featuring a synthetic raffia fringe. Zeus (pictured above bottom in lightning bolt) is a large-scale design with a remarkable semi-sheer feature and light fringe. Both embody the designer’s style and are eye-catching additions to any room.

From Nathan Craven: Odyssey & Wacky

Odyssey (pictured above top in night and day, sea voyage & space ship) and Wacky (pictured above bottom in fruit punch, daffodil, deep sea, grasshopper, orchid & lobster) completely grasp Nathan Craven’s design concepts. His ceramic pieces, which he extrudes from molds that he creates, are cut down and made into patterned floors and walls. His ‘wacky’ designs are gorgeous and intricate, and both fabric designs capture the detailed beauty of his work. Odyssey, a voided velvet, shows shapes based on Nathan’s ceramic pieces. The textured fabric truly captures the look of his installations and is offered in four colorways. Wacky, also based on the ceramic bricks, is offered in six colorways and is a cotton/polyester Jacquard.

From Katherine Gray: Beam & Mirror Mirror

Katherine Gray’s glass blowing expertise brings inspiration for two fabrics, both of which are available in two colorways. Katherine chose to make specific glass pieces to base the fabric designs on. Her glass plate brought forth the design for Mirror Mirror (pictured above bottom in looking glass & horn-rimmed glass), a non-woven polyurethane face with a fabric backing that mimics the plate’s holographic eyes. Her glass vase was the inspiration for Beam (pictured above top in tailor’s chalk & keyboard), a clipped, transparent drapery fabric that allows for the play of light, just as her glass pieces do.

From Matthias Pliessnig: Odalisque

Odalisque (pictured above right in citron) is a silk Jacquard based on Matthias Pliessnig’s drawing of water being parted by a boat moving through it. As a furniture designer, Matthias uses steam bending techniques he learned while boat building to transform strips of wood into kinetic forms that become sinuous benches. His woodwork and focus on shadow, lattice work and compound curves, was the inspiration for Odalisque. The fabric features an ogee-shaped ribbed structure layered over patterns of elongated ovals. The intricate fabric is offered in five colorways.

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