Plus Capsule Collection From Loro Piana Interiors

Last September 2016, eight months after Paris Deco Off, Loro Piana Interiors launched its new collection at the Monaco Yacht Show. The article is read from Loro Piana’s November newsletter.

Montecarlo, 30 September 2016: At the Monaco Yacht Show, Loro Piana Interiors launched a second collection, just eight months after Paris Déco Off. The capsule Plus collection is the ultimate expression of the brand’s textile tradition, using four of its most iconic fabrics.
Both in terms of taste and elegance, Cashmere Ice, Sherpas Plus, Pecora Nera® Plus and Zelander® Plus represent Loro Piana’s passion for the most exquisite natural fibres, the finest cashmere and the most prized wools that preside in this collection of interior design fabrics in winter shades. Designed to give a warm, cosy glow to urban or mountain homes, with sophisticated upholstery and exclusive accessories.

Cashmere Ice is a light beaver cloth, outstanding on account of its unique chromatic effect. It is a natural blend of pure undyed cashmere and therefore remarkably soft to the touch. A manifestation of the creative force of nature that has added vibrancy to the soft white fleece of certain select goats with darker fibres, it is ideal for upholstery, trimmings, curtains and drapes.

Sherpas Plus is a splittable double face mélange of the purest cashmere that is simultaneously compact and soft. The neutral tones of the reverse side perfectly complement the brighter shades of the face, ranging from oranges, blues and azures, to pastel colours. Suited for upholstery, it is ideal for covers and sofa blankets.

Stringently dye free, the sustainable wool Pecora Nera® Plus, distinguished by its warm brown tones, expresses its uniqueness in a double face fabric presented in an inimitable variation in which the lighter tones of the reverse highlight the darker tones of the face. Ideal for upholstery, curtains and covers.

New Zealand wool is the star of Zelander® Plus, a splittable, medium weight double face fabric that is soft and silky to the touch. The carefully combined colour scheme perfectly contrasts sombre ivory on the reverse with the vibrancy of pastel shades and bolder tones, such as rust and ginger, on the face. The interplay of colours makes it ideally suited to the creation of striking upholstery and decorative curtains with personality.



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