We are now either in MECQ or GCQ which is a big step. Yet, there is still no school and children cannot go out. Elements invites your children/grandchildren to join this competition.

This drawing competition is intended for the  children of Pierre Frey customers and friends , all around the world. The 25 winners will see their drawing enter the collection in autumn 2021. Each winning drawing will be readapted by the Studio and then produced in wallpaper. 

This competition organized by La Maison Pierre Frey is a charitable action. It will donate 10% of the sales of these wallpapers to La Fondation de France, which is financing a program to fight against the school dropout rate of the most underprivileged children, particularly in the context of the closure of schools due to the COVID 19 crisis.

Pierre Frey is a family company, which has real social values in terms of French and European manufacturing, protection of know-how and craftsmanship. Moreover, the idea is to give meaning to their actions and spread as widely as possible a message about the importance of creation and provide inspiration to new generations.

o   The competition is being organized in the current context of global confinements linked to the coronavirus, the need to keep children at home occupied and the interest in doing so through creative activities that stimulate their awakening and expression.

o   Participating children should be  aged between 3 and 12 years in 2020 and should produce a  drawing, painting, collage or any work that can be transferred to a paper format. The format is imposed, A2, corresponding to 4 A4 sheets of paper glued together.

o    No subject/theme imposed, no restrictions in terms of the material used (coloured pencils, felt pens, greasy chalk, paint) to be in line with the eclecticism that the House seeks in the collections it offers.

o   The competition takes place from  May 18 to June 30.

o   An initial internal jury will select around one hundred creations, which will then be presented to a grand jury, between 15 and 30 September 2020, responsible for selecting only 25. Patrick Frey will bring together, in this grand jury, several important personalities from the world of creation, design, decoration and culture.

o   The 25 winning drawings will be adapted by the Studio to be transposed into connectable wallpaper, then published in a dedicated collection, within the Pierre Frey collections, in Autumn 2021.

o   The 25 winning children will then receive, as a gift, the wallpaper resulting from their creation to decorate their room.

o   10% of the sales of these wallpapers will be donated to La Fondation de France.