Billions of people are stuck at home. By staying home, we are each doing our part to try and stem the spread of the pandemic; we are trying to help flatten the curve.

As I sit inside my home thinking about how my friends and colleagues are doing, I believe many of us are using this time productively. Parents are spending more time with their children, workaholics are finding time to rest and relax, people are starting gardens, people are making time for exercise, and people are trying to reconnect to friends and family.  While we have no idea how this pandemic will affect our daily lives once we are able to resume our regular activities, I do hope that we do not lose focus on the importance of community, relationships and our home.

Today’s newsletter I continue to share with you new collections launched in Paris back in January of this year. With the right wallpaper, the right fabric, along with the energy and lives of the residents; you will turn a house into a home.

ALOE – 10860-61


HERBIER – 10856-78


SHIMA – 10819-36


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Nobilis 2020 Collection