Morris & Co. – Rouen Velvets

Inspired by the colour-infused cathedral interiors of Morris’s travels to France, Morris & Co. introduce Rouen Velvets, a stunning collection of six luxurious velvets, new for AW19.
Rebecca Craig, head of design at Morris & Co. says, “We’re particularly excited about the use of colour in this collection, with the introduction of striking contemporary colourways such as Moss Green and Orange/Saffron opening up the collection to new audiences. While still appealing to Morris lovers, Rouen Velvet’s classic colour palette of Indigo and Madder retains a more traditional feel. In another Morris & Co. first, the Indian wallpaper design of c.1868 has been translated into a beautiful flocked velvet, adding an additional tactile dimension to this captivating launch.”
This celebration of well-loved Morris designs, including Strawberry Thief and Honeysuckle & Tulip is printed on a sumptuous 100% cotton cloth, providing the perfect base to accentuate the richness of the collection’s jewel coloured tones, elevating Morris’s timeless and iconic designs even further.
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