Matador Mystique: Donghia’s Fall 2013 Collection

Donghia’s fall 2013 textile collection is soon to arrive in the Philippines. It takes cues from the artistry of a Spanish matador’s performance. Comprised of 11 patterns, each textile embodies the essence of movement, drawing parallels between the culture, its surroundings and the dance of a singular performer. Seen throughout the collection are hints of shimmer and embroidery, inspired from the elaborately embellished matador’s costume, known as Traje de luces (“suit of lights”).



This luscious cut velvet pile combines with a contrasting cotton satin-weave background to create an exaggerated abstract animal-like pattern.



Inspired by the embroidery of the Matador’s bolero jacket, cotton is beautifully double embroidered on a silk and linen ground in contrasting color combinations. The texture of the linen is woven behind the silk satin weave to help create a subtle rippling/wrinkled effect and add body to this textile.



Using natural and bleached linen as the base cloths, this digital printed abstract pattern captures the romance and passion of Flamenco dancers in motion. A special highlight color of Braceo is burnt orange, which is Donghia’s interpretation of the Spanish red.



Taking a cue from fashion and the traditional cape used with bravado by the matador, this luxurious twill weave construction combines a silk warp on the face and a thicker cotton strie yarn in the weft, creating a glowing visual vibration.



When a sensual base cloth of mottled viscose velvet marries with a strong printed graphic image, you have the essence of the tiny instrument in motion and a modern graceful textile. With each movement of this pattern, small cracks will appear throughout the special printing, creating a natural patina and revealing it’s true intended reflective beauty.



The true show-stopper of the collection. This jacquard construction is an abstracted version of a traditional damask. Layers of yarn gracefully combine to create a painterly aesthetic, perfect for design versatility.



A star of the fall collection, Luces, meaning lights, literally sparkles. This lino sheer has silver sequins throughout adding a playful and subtle shine.



Manolette, the most famous matador, was known for a special stance where he would stand very tall and still for as long as possible while the bull came toward him. Like this gesture, the beautiful large scale embroidered diamonds stand at attention and reflect his signature move.



Named after the city in Spain with its winding streets, Pamplona has a patch-worked effect highlighting strong horizontal bands with a small patterned webbing element. This lush chenille is colored in a soft tonal way, which allows it to be used in various applications.



A flannel that is more than just a basic. The small, vertical ribbing gives contrast and depth to the textile. Classic in nature this elegant wool links with the heritage of Donghia. Seville has a sensual drape, soft hand and two-toned subtle color palette.


Torero Reversible

Torero is another word for Matador. Inspired by the men that wear this title, Torero Reversible is a great strong basic that is theatrical with its shiny face and plush back.

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