Love is in the air!


Love is in the air! In the spirit of Geoffrey Chaucer who associated romantic love with St. Valentine, there are many ways to express yourself. Here is a small selection of our fabrics which may not bring romance or devotion into the home, but definitely elegance and style. For more options, visit our showroom or contact one of us to assist you!

Rubelli Mirafoire 30123-1

Samuel & Sons CT-56773
BT-56776 , BT-56777
TF-56779, TF-56778

From left to right: Armani Casa Rosso TC101-50, Lelievre Gaucho-Atlas 563-03, Lelievre Tailor M1-Piment 4231-04

Le Manach Seine Port L4554001

Rubelli Terrazzo 30112-10,
Braquenie L’exotique B7632

Morris & Co Lily Leaf 21044

Omexco TRI156

Morris & Co Thistle 210486