As we begin preparing for May 18th when we will open our showroom again, we are filled with excitement, anxiety and commitment. The showroom will have been closed for over 9 weeks: no fresh air, no air-conditioning, no human activity. We will need to open windows, turn on airconditioning units and water taps, and clean out the showroom – all with only 50% of the staff. We will do this and we will come out of this even better, with a little time.

When we think about the “new normal”, Elements is discussing other ways to introduce the new collections to you from a safe distance. As you have seen in previous newsletters, we are sending out e-catalogues which you can download and save in your digital library. Another idea is to walk you through each editor’s new launch to see the collection in its entire breadth which at times is difficult for us given the weight of the sample books. Below you will see a link to a ten minute Youtube video as an example.

In this video (courtesy of Elitis) you will see the entire Spring 2020 Elitis collection for both wall coverings, wallpaper and textiles. I hope you enjoy seeing all of the wonderful new product. Should you require a sample, please email your sales representative.

Here are details for the new 2020 collections

Happy viewing and the team at Elements looks forward to seeing all of you soon. Stay Safe.