Élitis Trancoso Wallcovering

Élitis Auteur & Éditeurs


"Exceptional Natural Materials"



Shells, mother-of-pearl and teak add their raw beauty to the mix, joined together in checkerboard or mosaic. With elegance, warmth and naturalness, they offer an escape. Shells reveal their natural color, glorified by their layout. Mother-of-pearl offers its iridescence, captivating light and attention, like precious jewels. Brushed, carved and finely engraved teak soberly contrasts with mother-of-pearl and shell arrangements.





Making recycled teak

Making mother-of-pearl

Trancoso pushes the limits of wallcoverings by orchestrating an encounter of rare skills and exceptional materials brought back from distant lands. An attestation of craftsmanship of the highest caliber: to handle these exceptional materials, meticulousness and perfect mastery will suffice.