de Gournay – ‘Alchemy’ Porcelain Collection by Jeffrey Bilhuber – 2018

With Interior Designer Jeffrey Bilhuber, de Gournay are proud to launch a new service of Porcelain dinnerware: designed by Jeffrey and created by hand in our Jingdezhen studio – the historic origin of Imperial Chinese ceramics.

Inspired by the intricate ‘magic’ of its bespoke creation, Bilhuber’ s expressive service will join de Gournay’s permanent collection: a highly prized extension of the brands custom abilities in the fashioning of original pieces for interiors.

‘Alchemy’ employs a vivid botanical motif trailed with molten Gold – an aesthetic meditation on the technical complexities of conjuring the medium from the white heat of the kiln. Referencing the painterly beauty of Dutch Still Life Florals, a vivid bouquet of Tulips and wildflowers suspended against a gilded spool adorn
a full set of 35 individual pieces.

Made entirely by hand in de Gournay’s own studios then painted by their artists, the design of each piece is unique without repeat. Services are numbered in a limited edition and clients are encouraged to make custom changes guaranteeing each is original to them.

The project presents de Gournay’s well established skills in a contemporary context, combining the beauty of the craft and Jeffrey’s engaging talents across a series turned, finished and painted by hand.

Bilhuber’s impressive portfolio defines the leading Interiors of the United States – a living style with a effortlessly composed sense of the historic: not least a series of celebrated de Gournay wallpaper installations. A tour de force of decorative artistry, ‘Alchemy’ evokes the Imperial kiln work of dynastic China in a context of
modern elegance and application.

‘Alchemy’ is made to order from de Gournay. A dinner service of 6 place settings, assorted serving platters and various table accessories totalling 35 pieces can be purchased from $32,000, with prices for individual items available on request. Clients can order as many or as few pieces across the range of shapes and sizes as they

The ‘Alchemy’ collection occupies a competitive sphere of the market – priced to reflect the unique nature of its identity compared to high street tableware, but offering clients the expert craftsmanship of the medium at a fraction of lesser European imitations.

Orders for ‘Alchemy’ are finished to demand in our porcelain studio, and will be supplied from partly prepared stock to keep lead times to a target of 6 weeks, despite the extensive work involved.