We are delighted to have the following new collections from the Pierre Frey group in our showroom.  Braquenie’s Imperatrice Eugenie collection is a stunning collection of wall coverings printed on a variety of grounds: non -woven, paper and silk.

Mixing patterns inspired by the Second Empire and the opulence of the East, our collection “Impératrice Eugénie” transports you between classic elegance and refined exoticism. The motives printed on silk are the jewels of this collection: at crossroads between tradition and modernity, combining craftsmanship and new techniques. Following the traditional pilgrimage of road silk merchants, Pierre Frey ventures in the most distant lands of India. From this initiatory journey, PIERRE FREY returns with a material both natural and noble: the raw silk. Handspun by craftsmen with ancestral knowledge, each thread reveals an authentic story. Fabrics turn into stories and the toiles de Jouy’s characters come to life only with the textures and edges of an element once worthy of princes and maharajas. The History of France and its nobility is revisited in an oriental version for the greatest pleasure of our eyes.