This week good news!

Elements has started to ship again from Europe and the USA. With the lockdown, all of our pending orders have been waiting for the day we could begin shipping again. This involved the mills, the warehouse of the manufacturer, the forwarders, just to mention the European and American side; and then we needed to find air cargo space to get the goods to the Philippines when most airlines are operating at only 3 – 4% of their pre-covid capacity. While we have no idea when shipping will become “normal” again,... Read The Rest →


As we begin preparing for May 18th when we will open our showroom again, we are filled with excitement, anxiety and commitment. The showroom will have been closed for over 9 weeks: no fresh air, no air-conditioning, no human activity. We will need to open windows, turn on airconditioning units and water taps, and clean out the showroom – all with only 50% of the staff. We will do this and we will come out of this even better, with a little time. When we think about the “new normal”,... Read The Rest →


Continuing from Newsletter: Issue 16, We now feature the Lorenzo Castillo collection of textiles and wall coverings from Gaston y Daniela. Lorenzo hails from Madrid and started out as an antiquarian before becoming the revered, international interior designer. His passion for color, texture, drama and history can be seen in his collection(s) for Gaston y Daniela. Within his interior design projects, there is a beautiful harmony of elements from the 16th and 17th century up to modern textures and materials. He is inspired by the past and creates interiors for today. ... Read The Rest →


Present and Past Japón The new spring 2020 collection revolves around the Kimono and the significance behind the traditional outfit. Kimono have been regarded as great works of art reflecting the artistic and cultural evolution in Japan. This signature centuries-old garment, the national dress of Japan, has evolved over time along with the Japanese society. We have looked at the rich textile heritage of Japan to recreates it’s evolution. Inspired by the kimono from different periods, our new collection captures influences from periods of the Japanese history. Several designs, such... Read The Rest →

Alexander Lamont Sirena Collection Spring 2020

It is official. Our lock down has been extended to May 15. While we still can’t leave our homes, Elements will take you to Thailand to see the latest collection from Alexander Lamont.  Please scroll to the bottom to watch the 4+ minute video of Alexander himself talk about this collection. Alex spent part of his childhood in Africa growing up in a village in Kenya while his father worked there as a missionary. The local markets were filled with folk art, jewellery, wooden carved pieces and baskets that would... Read The Rest →

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