Cambridge II from Samuel and Sons

This January Samuel And Sons launched Cambridge II.

Samuel -and-Sons

As a cornerstone of the Samuel & Sons repertoire, expanding the classic Cambridge collection required a conscious decision about color. Vibrant, saturated bright colors are balanced by neutral grays and metallics. Colors range from Citron and Turquoise to Emerald and Magenta. The subtlety of tranquil Seafoam is still relevant but is now joined by shades that have more opacity such as Turquoise, Pool and Caribbean. Magenta and various interpretations of Coral and Pink are emerging with strength, taking center stage this season and forecasting to continue. Effervescent grays and matte metallics counter the speed and vibrancy of all the brights, creating balance and sophistication. This new color selection tells a different yet complementary story to its Cambridge predecessors. Cambridge II colors are vibrant and saturated, fresh, and timeless in their traditional, transitional and certainly contemporary applications.

There are 2 more new collections: TWIST & KNOT – The Roger Thomas Collection and HARBOUR. Watch this space for more details!