Elitis 2017 Collection: An Extraordinary Garden

See the colorful world of Elitis spring collection! Exotic coconut mosaics, panoramas singing the melody of the Italian Riviera, and coloured raffia braids blossom on walls. While fabrics decide to make themselves at home in the garden, embroideries flutter about in the windows. In the L’Accessoire collection, geometric patterns and calligraphy designs come together to compose a colourful new world. Germany (Munich) Münchner Stoff Frühling www.msf-muenchen.de From march 24 to 27 Spain (Barcelona) Architecte@work www.architectatwork.es From march 29 to 30 Italy (Milan) Materials Village materialsvillage.it.materialconnexion.com From april 9 to 9... Read The Rest →